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Lancalor coperte elettriche italiane a Pistoia

Choosing a LanCalor product means thinking Italian and communicating its ancient and new quality at the same time, respect for customers and the search for an increasingly conscious and ageless wellbeing.

For this reason LanCalor proposes a new image in the sector, closer to reality and in constant research.

It will certainly make a difference in the Italian and international stores.

Lancalor coperte elettriche italiane a Pistoia

International Heat Experts

With an all Italian know-how that combines textile craftsmanship and advanced technologies to produce underblankets  and electric blankets which warm up the night and give you a good awakening…

Experts in heat means to know how to create the wellbeing that heat produces, with the tranquility guaranteed above all by a Tuscan family that has always lived there.

This union of ancient knowledge of comfort and modern knowledge of safety allows us to guarantee our thermal products for years and to be reliable in the world.

Handmade in Italy with love!

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Certified security

Safety is guaranteed by the new control system which verifies the efficiency and safety of all the components, constantly monitors the bed warmer or the electric blanket during their use and, in the event of anomalies, promptly intervenes by switching it off.

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