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Family history

History of a World that has had its Roots in Tuscany since 1890.

It was born as a textile industry specialized in the production of blankets and in 1955 it achieved great success thanks to the first Italian electric blanket born from the intuition of combining its cultural textile heritage with electric technology.

Over the years the company has always maintained a link with its past without renouncing innovation. In 2010 a further impetus takes place thanks to Pancani family which evolves the concept of “warm wellbeing” towards a future called LanCalor.

Today LanCalor not only expresses the history of electric blankets, but embodies a solid present, made of technology applied to heat and certified safety, with a vast choice of electrical products to heat the bed.

Among the leading products, the electric blankets with the classical vintage style with tartan and ruled patterns and the bed warmers with fleece in 100% wool and crease-proof fabric stand out.

Even today the production is carried out entirely in the same factory where everything was born from Italian labor with artisanal methods; all this makes it possible to obtain a product with industrial standards which represents an excellence of Made in Italy.

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