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Family history

History of a world of warmth rooted in Tuscany since 1890.

It was founded as a textile industry specializing in the production of blankets and in 1955 achieved great success thanks to the first Italian electric blanket, born from the intuition of combining its textile cultural heritage with electrical technology.

Over the years, the company has always maintained a link with its past without renouncing innovation; in 2010 a further impetus takes place thanks to the Pancani family, which evolves the concept of “warm well-being” towards a future called LanCalor.

Today LanCalor not only expresses the history of electric blankets, but also embodies a solid present of them, made up of technology applied to warmth and certified safety, with a wide selection of electric bed-warming products.

Prominent products include electric blankets in classic vintage style with tartan and striped patterns and bed warmers with 100% wool fleece and crease-resistant fabric.

To this day, production is still entirely carried out in the same factory where everything is created by Italian labor with artisanal methods; all of this makes it possible to obtain a product with industrial standards that represents an excellence of made in Italy.

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